Ultrasound is frequently used in the diagnosis of ankle sprains as well as in the treatment of injuries and inflammation of the ankle joint.

Ultrasound examination allows visualization of the anterior and posterior talofibular ligaments, calcaneofibular ligament, deltoid ligament, Achilles tendon,tendons and tendon sheaths and joint effusion. Ultrasound examination also allows us to assess blood flow through selected structures, thanks to which we are able to visualize abnormal blood supply and inflammation.

Dynamic ultrasound testing

In some cases, it is necessary to evaluate the status of ankle ligaments using dynamic testing. Ultrasound provides the ability to assess the stability of this joint, as well as the state of tendons and other structures during movement of the joint.

Sonosurgery of the ankle

This procedure involves precise joint aspiration or drug injection into the joint space under ultrasound guidance. The ultrasound apparatus allows us to visualize the joint aspiration or location of drug administration into the injured tissue, thanks to which the injection is extremely precise and more effective.