Ultrasound is currently used not only for diagnostics, but also in the treatment of injuries and inflammatory conditions. One of the most frequently examined using ultrasound is the knee joint. The basic method of assessing the condition of the knee joint should be ultrasound of the knee. Krakow has many points where this test can be performed, including at SportoKlinik, which specializes in orthopedics. Knee ultrasound gives us the ability to assess the condition of the medial and lateral collateral ligaments, the anterior and posterior cruciate ligaments, the medial and lateral meniscus, articular cartilage, possible inflammation of the synovial membrane, or the patellar ligaments. Ultrasound examination also allows the assessment of blood flow through selected structures, and thus allows us to diagnose pathological blood supply and inflammation.

Dynamic ultrasound examination of the knee

In some cases, it is necessary to perform ultrasound examination of a knee joint which is being moved in real time. In such cases, ultrasound allows us to assess the stability of this joint, the condition of tendons and other structures, and gives us the ability to diagnose and indentify anatomical conflicts and possible interposition of these structures into improper places of the joint. The test is completely painless and safe, therefore it is commonly used for children and adults. In case of any injury, we invite you to have an ultrasound examination of the knee.

Knee sonosurgery

This procedure enables us to perform: an intraarticular injection under ultrasound control, puncture a Baker’s cyst while bypassing neuro-vascular structures,  removal of cyst contents with subsequent direct drug administration, as well as injecting damaged tissues with platelet-rich plasma with growth factors.

The use of ultrasound in injection

Ultrasound allows the examiner to guide and control joint aspiration or administration of a drug into diseased tissue. Thanks to this, the process of injection is extremely precise and more effective. In this case, knee ultrasound offered by SportoKlinik Kraków increases procedural safety.