Shoulder ultrasound is used to evaluate and visualize the condition of the rotator cuff, which is formed by the tendons of the Supscapularis, Supraspinatus, Infraspinatus and Teres Minor muscles. Additionally, ultrasound allows the examiner to visualize the long head of the Biceps, the Deltoid muscle, subacromial bursa, bony surface along with cartilage, as well as the the greater and lesser tubercles with their rotator cuff insertions. Ultrasound is also used to assess the acromioclavicular joint, the structure of the acromion, joint capsule, labrum, and the coracoclavicular ligaments. This diagnostic method also allows visualization of blood flow, thanks to which it is possible to indentify locations of inflammation or pathological blood supply. Since shoulder pain is common, it’s best to have your ultrasound performed at SportoKlinik without hesitation.

Dynamic ultrasound examination allows visualization of the subacromial space, leading to the ability to diagnose subacromial impingement syndrome. Additionally, ultrasound allows diagnosis of adhesions present in bursa, subluxation of the long head of Biceps tendon, and gives the possibility to assess the morphology of injuries to the labrum and rotator cuff. The exam itself is fast and safe, therefore it’s best to perform the exam as soon possible. There are many possibilities for performing this test in Krakow.

Sonosurgery of the surgery is a procedure during which the physician punctures and removes calcifications under the control of ultrasound. It is used to treat calcifications of the rotator cuff through flushing and for performing injections, such as injection of platelet rich plasma containing growth factors. In this case, ultrasound of the shoulder improves the safety of the procudure. Sporoklinik Krakow is the perfect place to have this procedure performed.