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INDIBA ACTIV therapy is now available in Kraków, since January 19, 2016.

A revolution in rehabilitation – active therapy at the cellular level. A combination of manual therapy with a physical procedure.

Treatment cost: 150 PLN

INDIBA ACTIVE therapy is based on a patented and safe technology which, in combination with manual therapy, allows us to achieve a triple effect during tissue rehabilitation: speeding up the healing process, a fibrolytic effect, and analgesia. These effects are felt in the case of acute symptoms as well as in chronic conditions.

INDIBA ACTIVE therapy is a unique way of applying radio waves with a frequency of 448 kHz to cells and tissues, which allows for modification of cell membrane permeability, metabolism acceleration, changes the cellular oxygen requirement as well as provides overall regeneration. Applications: spinal and joint pain syndromes, injuries of joints, muscles, tendons, joint replacements, as well as in cases of internal fixation using metal components.

Contraindications: pacemaker, recent thrombosis, pregnancy